If your dog has allergies, we know how unpleasant it can be.

Hot spots, hair loss, poor hair condition, smelly ears, red paws and an upset tummy are all signs of a dog with allergies.
And while it's heartbreaking, it is also avoidable. Dogs are not born with a food allergy, it is something that develops over time.

There are two types of allergies: food and environmental. If these symptoms are occurring all year round, it is most likely a food allergy. This means that their body is mounting an immune response to a food in their diet, creating inflammation which results in these horrible skin and digestive issues.

Allergies are traditionally treated with chemicals and medicines. This can often be quite expensive, especially when you consider that it’s just treating the symptoms. To actually fix the problem - getting rid of itchiness and inflammation for good - the food causing the allergy needs to be removed from the diet.

Feeding your dog a raw, unprocessed and chemical free diet made with a novel protein is the best way to improve their health.

The most common issue we see with our clients at Whoa Nelly! is dog’s suffering from allergies. To help, we’ve developed a special new recipe that is already getting great results. It’s called Green Goat, and it’s made using a single novel protein source - goat. 

Our secret ingredient is spirulina, an algae that is not only amazingly nutritious but is also a powerful anti-inflammatory food. That’s why it’s called Green Goat, it’s actually deep green in colour!

Green Goat also contains our “Nelly Belly” fermented food, loaded with probiotics and enzymes. This helps nurture the gut back to it’s proper balance, meaning much better digestion and reducing inflammation. With 80% of immunity residing in the gut, a healthy gut really does mean a healthy pup. 

If your dog has a food allergy, switching to a new food and protein source is a great idea. Giving their body a break from the source of the allergy helps reduce inflammation and starts repairing the damage. Over time you will very likely see a massive reduction in allergy symptoms: hair grows back thick and glossy, they start smelling pleasant, ears become clean and best of all, no more scratching.


Green Goat

From $10.95

Ingredients: Goat, *Organic Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables, Organic Mung Beans, Goat Organs, Nelly Belly (Lacto Fermented Organic Molasses Kefir, Organic Buckwheat, *Organic Turmeric, *Organic Ginger, Dulse, Organic Black Pepper), *Organic Parsley, Organic Coconut, Organic Walnuts, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Spirulina, Brazil Nuts, *Pastured Egg Shell, Organic Cinnamon, Human Grade Diatomaceous Earth

* Locally Sourced