Healthy dogs have great digestion.

And good dog food is essential to a healthy gut. So if your dog has smelly farts, bad breath or sloppy poos, make a positive change to improve your dog's gut health!

Whoa Nelly! Raw Dog Food

The best dog food is:

  1.  raw

  2.  minimally processed

  3.  rich in enzymes & probiotics


Healthy dogs eat a biologically appropriate diet. This simply means food that dog's have evolved to eat, which is definitely not kibble! A balanced raw meal without grains or synthetic vitamins is best. 

Real food is rich in enzymes, which helps to break down the nutrients. Enzymes are essential for great digestion, but you can't get them in dry dog food. The high temperature processing kills the enzymes (and lots of the nutrition). Dog's have not evolved to eat highly processed, dry food.

We take gut health seriously.

That's why we ferment our own probiotics and enzymes. This natural process 'pre-digests' the food, just like the food dogs eat in the wild. Fermentation also unlocks the phytonutrients in foods like turmeric and ginger, which boosts their powerful disease-fighting properties

By keeping all the nutrients intact and easily digestable, your dog has a healthier belly and better immunity

We call it Nelly Belly! Tory explains.


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