Why We Don't Use Supplements


Tory Wall, Nutritionist

One of the great things about Whoa Nelly! dog food is that it doesn’t contain any supplements or synthetic nutrients. It’s correctly balanced and nutritionally complete using whole foods. 


We don’t use supplements because you don’t need them! Dogs are like people, if they are eating a properly balanced diet they don’t need vitamin supplements to fill any gaps. The only reason you should supplement is if the food is inadequate in some way or if they are sick.

There are big advantages to getting your nutrition from food. Dogs are biologically adapted to eating whole foods, which means their bodies are designed to get their nutrition from unprocessed natural sources not from isolated synthetic compounds. Whole food is like a family or community of nutrients, they work together for the greater good. Nature bundles nutrients together in foods in precise ratios to create synergy, whereby “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. It's this awesome combination of individual and collective properties in food that allows nutrients to be easy assimilated into the body. 


When nutrients are made synthetically they often have a slightly different molecular shape to naturally occurring ones. And what happens is the body does not always recognise these nutrients because they look different, and this causes the to be poorly absorbed and can potentially cause damage. So while synthetically derived nutrients are much much cheaper than from food sources, they are not ideal or what the body needs to thrive.


For example, dogs require manganese in their diet, which naturally comes from eating the fur of prey in the wild. This can be tricky to get from other sources, which is why most dog food’s just use a synthetic manganese supplement. We use whole foods like organic Ceylon cinnamon and brazil nuts to derive our manganese instead. This means it’s absorbed better by the body, and means our food is nutritionally complete without using synthetic vitamins. 

Our aim is to make fantastically nutritious, whole dog food with no pesticides or synthetic additives. And the results speak for themselves!