Why Most Hypoallergenic Dog Food Doesn't Work


If you have a dog suffering from allergies, you know how hard it can be to find a food that doesn’t make them sick. Often even the expensive “vet endorsed” single protein diets still cause the itchy skin and red paws associated with a food sensitivity. As it turns out, that’s because most of these hypoallergenic dog foods are cutting corners.

In a recent study,
10 out of 12 novel protein dog foods were contaminated with protein ingredients not found on the label. 


When you consider that it’s the protein that causes the allergic response, this is outrageous! Only 2 of the dog foods studied actually contained what they claimed to on the packet. 

No wonder most commercial diets don’t work. 

And that’s before considering the molecular changes that processing does to food. Extreme heat and extrusion denatures the protein which can actually cause food sensitivities, not cure them.


Feeding a raw, properly balanced diet containing only ingredients that nourish your dog is absolutely the best way to look after every dog, and especially if they have food sensitivities.

Find a local raw dog food producer and ask them what goes into their food.

Your dog will thank you for it!