Raw Dog Food is Safer Than Kibble


There has been a heap of newspaper articles recently trying to scare dog owners away from raw dog food. These articles claim that raw dog food is unsafe due to the presence of harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E coli. One must assume that this media campaign is on behalf from Hills, Nestle and Mars. Because - unlike dry dog food - there is no scientific evidence that feeding raw dog food is dangerous to humans. 

There are currently ZERO incidents of Salmonella poisoning in humans as a result of feeding raw dog food. 


There are however extensively documented cases of dry dog food causing harm to people. Like here, here and here. Literally every single published case is caused by kibble or canned dog food.

Now that’s a story worth sharing! 

The fact is that all dog food’s can also contain harmful bacteria because they contain meat. If you treat them like you would treat any raw meat it’s no problem. Keep it in the fridge, wash your hands and don’t let your dog lick your face after dinner!

A better, more informative story would be “handle meat with care”. But we already know that, don’t we. This campaign is a massive distortion of the facts for corporate goals - it’s certainly not about what is best for you and your dog. 

“Big Dog Food” is worried because people are increasingly becoming educated about the nutritional needs of their dogs. Dogs need quality raw food to thrive, not a highly processed diet made with horrible ingredients. But it’s so much harder to make billion dollar profits if you can’t cut corners. 

Despite the scare tactics, raw feeding is here to stay. And that’s good news for dogs and people alike.

Jimi WallComment