Pet Fooled


Pet Fooled is a brand new documentary looking at the industry making food for our dogs. It joins the dots between low quality ingredients and the increasing amounts of sick animals.

What’s great about Pet Fooled is how it manages to be entertaining whilst illustrating how bad the pet food problem has become. And it features our favourite vet, Dr Karen Becker, who is quite simply the world authority on dog nutrition. Alongside another great vet Dr Barbara Royal, Pet Fooled illustrates how poor nutrition is hurting our furry friends.

Here it is in a nutshell: dogs have their own nutritional requirements - which is mostly meat! The problem arrises because dry dog food: 

  1. is mostly filler 

  2. the meat used is HORRIBLE 

  3. it’s massively processed


As Dr Becker explains:

“ Each animal has it’s own biological requirement for certain nutrients. A species appropriate diet for worms is dirt. The species appropriate diet for hummingbirds is nectar. You can’t feed earthworms nectar and you can’t feed hummingbirds dirt. Both of those animal species would simply die.. 
It gets pretty confusing with dogs and cats however, because they are nutritionally much more resilient than other species. And what that means is that we can nutritionally abuse them for lack of a better term, and they don’t die immediately. They just have overall vitality decline and overall degenerative changes happen from feeding them food which is not biologically appropriate.”

The message is clear: if you want to look after your dog the best you can, feed a balanced raw diet.

Pet Fooled is a fascinating and illuminating look into what you feed you dog. Great job director Kohl Harrington for shining a light on the often nefarious world of commercial dog food. Highly recommended.

You can stream it here.