How To Stop Dog Urine From Killing Grass


Dog urine causing burn marks on grass is a common occurrence for many dog owners. It can be super frustrating, but it’s possible to avoid.

4 Ways to Stop Dog Urine from Killing Grass

  1. Train you dog to pee in the same place - preferably on a tree!
  2. Hose down the grass straight after
  3. Reduce nitrogen using a product like Dog Rocks
  4. Improve your dogs hydration

The two main reasons why dog urine kills grass are excess nitrogen and over-concentrated urine. While nitrogen is a normal part of healthy soil, large amounts of it cause dehydration in the grass which causes lawn burn.


High quality raw diets (like Whoa Nelly!) are more likely to produce extra nitrogen in the urine because they contain a large amount of meat. But don’t freak out! Your dog’s digestive system is designed to break down protein (not carbs), so lawn burn is generally a by-product of a healthy dog. And just like fertiliser is great for your grass, your dogs pee can be too - it just needs be the right concentration. 

Highly concentrated urine can kill grass because it contains proportionally more compounds in it like nitrogen. Less concentrated urine will have more water and less nitrogen, meaning happy grass.

The easiest way to improve urine concentration is by feeding a raw food diet. Raw meat is generally between 60% and 80% water - like you are! Compare that to dry food which is 6% - 10% and you can see how that would impact on the quality of your dogs urine. 


Concentration is also the reason that many people believe female dogs are more likely to cause lawn burn. When a female dog squats to pee, she does so in a much more localised area than a “leg-up” male dog. This high concentration means an excess of nitrogen in a small area, and so is much more likely to kill the grass. 

It’s worth noting that the idea that high pH (alkaline) urine is the cause of lawn burn does not seem to be substantiated by research. Unfortunately that means ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar are unlikely to be of any help beyond potentially lowering the concentration. 

So if you are currently battling with lawn burn, try switching to a raw food diet. And if you’re currently feeding raw, the best solution might be trying a product like Dog Rocks which reduce the amount of nitrogen in the urine.