Foreign Owned Dog Food

Breaking news this week that the Real Pet Food Company has been bought by New Hope Group (China) and Temasek (Singapore).


The Real Pet Food Company owns the brands:

dr bs barf.jpeg
  • Dr B’s BARF
  • VIP Petfoods
  • Nature’s Gift
  • Nature’s Goodness
  • Farmers Market
  • Ivory Coat

They represent the vast majority of raw dog food in Australia, even if they are on the low end of the quality scale.

The reason for the sale is to “exploit the growth of pet humanisation in the United States and ultimately China”. This is deeply troubling for dogs: the idea of a trend towards the humanisation of pet food completely misses the point. Good dog food isn’t human food. It is simply made with quality ingredients, is minimally processed and properly balanced. It doesn’t contain by-products, chemical names, or ingredients you can’t buy from a supermarket or butcher. 

Good dog food has nothing to do with humanisation and everything to do with quality.


Now don’t get me wrong, ownership by foreign interests is not necessarily a bad thing. Obviously all business need to make a profit in order to exist. But you have to question the motivations of a $1 billion dollar conglomerate. I think it would be fair to say that maximising profits would be the motivation behind the sale. Historically, it is this focus on profit rather than quality that has caused to much harm to dogs and their owners over the years. There’s a big difference between providing the best nutrition and using harmful ingredients like sulphur dioxide. 

The real concern is that China, who put melamine in dog food in 2007, may not have your dog's best interest at heart.  That’s why it’s always a good idea to check for 100% human grade ingredients, and make sure you know what each ingredient is. 

And if it’s cheaper than you can buy meat at the butcher, well, you have to wonder how that is possible..