The Canine Ancestral Diet

It’s something every dog owner wants to know: what is the best food for my dog? 

There’s such a wide variety of feeding options these days, ranging from raw and freeze dried meat all the way through to processed “science” biscuits. With so many conflicting options and opinions, it’s hard to know which one to pick!

We choose to feed Nelly a diet based on the “Canine Ancestral Diet”. This is a scientifically based diet which mimics the food that a dog - or it’s ancestors - would naturally eat in the wild. It combines the current research into nutrition as well as species appropriate ingredients. It’s “balanced and complete” nutrition without the harmful processing and ingredients, and made from the foods that a dog would eat in the wild.

For us, this is absolutely the best diet you can feed your dog!

What is the Canine Ancestral Diet?

While it’s impossible to know exactly what our dog’s ancestors ate, their closest relatives the wolf, coyote and fox can give us some clues. Their eating requirements are all extremely similar: meat, organs, stomach contents (which is partially digested/fermented), fish and some fruits and grasses. From this we can conclude that the ideal canine diet is high in fresh animal protein, has balanced fats, and is nutritionally complete with fruits and vegetables. 

Sounds like a healthy diet, right?

By applying this approach to dog nutrition, there are many health benefits like:

  • better brain function

  • stronger heart

  • more lean muscel mass

  • less chance of health problems

  • lower risk of cancer

Whoa Nelly! Dog Food

We’ve taken this approach to heart when we developed our food for Nelly. Our food is nutritionally complete according to the best nutritional standard available, the 2006 NRC guidelines. We also make our own fermented food Nelly Belly. This natural process unlocks the nutrition by “pre-digesting” the ingredients, and creates beneficial probiotics and enzymes which are essential to gut health. This is similar to caught prey’s stomach contents, and is a great way of boosting not only nutrition but also overall immunity. 

Read more about our Whoa Nelly! Dog Food here.

To learn more about the Canine Ancestral Diet, check out Steve Brown’s book “Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet”. In our opinion this is the best, most thoroughly researched approach to optimal nutrition for your dog.

It really is the best way to look after your dog!