Australia's ONLY plastic free dog food!

Biodegradable and plastic free packaging.

Packaging makes up one third of the rubbish going to landfill. What a waste! Like you, we care about our world and local area. That's why Whoa Nelly! is committed to environmentally friendly business practices. 

So instead of using plastic, we use 100% biodegradable packaging made from cane pulp. Our containers compost in around 3 months. That's compared to 450 years for plastic.

We are also naturally BPA free. This harmful chemical has just been declared a toxic substance by Canada and is linked with cancer.  Unfortunately, freezing plastic increases the amount of BPA that seeps into the food. Not good for frozen dog food!

Our packaging contains no BPA or harmful chemicals, which means it’s safe for you and your dog.

We make Australia's only plastic free dog food! 


It’s hard to avoid "disposable" plastic in everyday life. 

Every purchase is a vote towards the sort of world you would like to live in!