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Whoa Nelly! is nutritionally formulated raw dog food. This is no ordinary BARF! You can actually see the quality ingredients - including whole chicken wings for dental health. We use human quality, ethically sourced produce, with no chemicals and pesticides. And we're Australia's ONLY plastic and BPA free dog food. In fact Whoa Nelly! is 100% biodegradable!


Healthy dogs have great digestion. If your dog suffers from smelly farts, sloppy poo or digestive issues, you can improve their gut health! We ferment our own probiotic & enzyme rich “Nelly Belly” to naturally improve digestion and vitality. Nutritionist Tory explains.

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We recommend feeding 2-3% of bodyweight per day, depending on your dog's exercise level and individual needs. All dogs are different - active dogs need more food than couch dogs!

For dogs under 15kg, amazing nutrition costs less than a cup of coffee!

We're a small family business, striving to make the best possible food for dogs. Tory is a nutritionist and whole food chef, and Jimi is a cook and certified dog lover. And Nelly, well she's our baby! 

Our aim is to help dogs like Nelly to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. We believe that feeding quality nutrition is the most important decision you can make for your dog.

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** Please note, we just have the Kangaroo & Chicken recipe at the moment. Hypoallergenic Green Goat recipe coming very soon!