Who Makes Your Dogs Dinner?

Did you know that the Australian dog food industry is just 3 companies?

It sounds kind of crazy, but the majority of dog food in Australia is made by Nestle, Mars and Colgate Palmolive. These massive international companies produce confectionary and toiletries. And for some reason, dog food.

Which raises the question, why would the worlds largest chocolate and hair chemical manufacturers want to make your dog’s dinner? Is it because they love dogs and want to provide amazing nutrition? 

Or is it because cheap ingredients, pretty packaging and a celebrity vet endorsement means huge profits?

Unfortunately for many dogs, dog food is big business.


But the tide is turning. People are realising that feeding their dog highly processed biscuits is a waste of money, and worse it often makes their dog sick!

Every hard earned dollar you spend supports the world you want to live in. By buying locally made and produced food, you keep the money in your community. From Queensland farmers to producers of amazing dog food, your money stays here.


Buying a locally made dog food means you are supporting actual people in your community, not fuelling the corporate money machine. 

And of course, it means better quality ingredients, better nutrition and a better life for your dog! 

Support local and keep your money at home ☺️