What's Wrong With This Picture?


It blows me away every time I visit the supermarket. A quick visit to the dog food aisle reveals an enormous amount of processed dog food, all in colourful packaging and purporting to be the most amazingly healthy food for your dog. 

But it’s not just how much dog food there is, or that it’s all manufactured by two confectionary companies - Mars and Nestle - that blows me away.

It’s where they put it in the shop. 

Dog food is located directly opposite the pesticides, and just metres away from superglue in the hardware section. Why on earth would you put food in the aisle with toxic chemicals in it?

The mind boggles.


It really goes to show how dog food is thought of by these corporations. You would never in a million years see human foods like meat or pasta in the same aisle as Mortein or Roundup. That’s because food doesn’t belong with chemicals.

Except, apparently, supermarket dog food.

Only a few months ago a Sydney mum accidentally fed her kids dog treats. She found them in the same aisle as biscuits and thought they were also biscuits. Clearly where food items are located in the supermarket is important. 

Give that some thought next time you find yourself in the hardware/dog food/pesticide aisle of you local supermarket. Because they aren't grouped together by chance!