Should dogs eat raw eggs?


Eggs are one of natures most amazing foods, but are they safe to feed your dog? 

There are lots of healthy reasons to feed eggs. They are a fantastic source of biotin, fatty acids, selenium, antioxidants and more. Eggs are also a complete food, containing all the essential amino acids. That means a shiny coat and a healthy pup!

The controversy over feeding raw eggs is because they contain something called avidin. This protein is found in raw egg whites and inhibits a B Vitamin called Biotin. Over time this can lead to dull and brittle hair, sever dermatitis, and diarrhoea. Hence the prevailing wisdom is that you should always cook any eggs you feed your dog. 

This is however, not the full story.

Egg yolks actually contain a huge amount of Biotin. This excess supply is thought to negate the negative effects of avidin. So you would have to feed your dog more than half a dozen eggs a day before this could become a problem. 



So yes, raw eggs are great for your dog! 

Just remember to always feed the whole egg, and don’t go overboard with it. You can crack an egg over your dog’s dinner a few nights a week with no worries. And don’t make them the primary protein source.

If you really want to feed egg whites without the yolk, be sure to cook it first. This will denature the avidin and stop it from inhibiting the Biotin. It’s worth noting that this will also drastically reduce the nutritional value, so you’re really better off just feeding the egg whole and raw.



Feed organic, free range eggs wherever possible. They really are better! The factory processed eggs are sometimes sprayed with chemicals to improve the shells appearance. Seriously.The mind boggles.

Dogs in the wild eat eggs - like dingos which are known to eat emu eggs. Of course, wild eggs are going to be wonderfully nutritious without any chemical sprays or poor quality feed. The eggs you feed your dog should be as close to this as possible.

We use beautiful Echo Valley pastured eggs in Whoa Nelly! Dog Food. The chickens that produce these eggs are fed an all organic, soy free diet and are truly free range. This not only means a fantastic life for the chickens, but also more nutritious eggs.

Sounds like a good deal to us!