Raw Food Diet Explained

If you spend any time online, you’ll see there is a fierce debate as to the best way to feed your dog. There are people that feed whole animals (known as the prey diet), the 80/10/10’ers (raw meat and bones only), and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).


So which is the best?

Lucky for our dogs, the research is clear. We know the minimum nutrient requirements a dog needs to survive, and also the optimal levels for a healthy thriving dog. The question is do these different feeding models provide all the nutrition required?

Unfortunately, no.

The thing is there are only two way to make sure your dog is getting all the nutrients they require. You can feed a whole food diet with enough diverse ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements, or you can supplement an unbalanced diet with synthetic vitamins to fill the gaps.


So for example, feeding raw meat, organs and some random veggies probably isn’t a balanced diet. It will almost certainly be deficient in manganese and iodine, because they just aren’t in high enough quantities in these ingredients. This can lead to expensive and painful problems like cruciate ligament damage and hypothyroidism, which is actually quite common and absolutely something you want to avoid.

Many raw dog food companies are either not aware of the deficiencies, which is pretty worrying, or they put a cheap synthetic vitamin slurry in, which is in my opinion is a bit like breaking an egg with a hammer!

We’re talked about the problems with synthetic vitamins before, namely that they aren’t easily absorbed by the body, but also they are manufactured from extremely caustic substances like coal tar and hydrochloric acid.

Obviously an entirely whole food diet is much better for your dog and the environment! 

That’s why if you look at the ingredients we use in Whoa Nelly! you’ll see a long list of foods like brazil nuts, cinnamon and kelp. We use these foods to ensure we have the correct amount of nutrients like selenium, manganese and iodine. By combining science and nature we can give our dogs the very best nutrition possible.

Which for us, is what it’s all about!

Jimi WallComment